Bioeconomy Metrics

Software Projects

Bioeconomy Metrics

The Octave code, written by Rob Carlson and Rik Wehbring, for the plots above and those published in Nature Biotechnology is available on the BioeconomySize Github page. As published in "Estimating the biotech sector's contribution to the US economy", Nature Biotechnology, 34, 247–255 (2016).

Octave Code

Rik Wehbring is the all-time leading contributor to the GNU Octave code base. His code is available in every Octave installation.

Hardware Projects

We have a long history of building prototypes and of product design and development in areas ranging from laboratory equipment, to telecommunications equipment, to medical ultrasound, to digital and analog ASICs. 

Strategy and Analytics

Much of our consulting work for governments, corporations, and NGOs is proprietary. Below are a few publicly available examples.

2012 Biodefence Net Assessment

The Biodefence Net Assessment (BNA) is a congressionally mandated, quadrennial review of U.S. biosecurity run by the Homeland Security Institute on behalf the Department of Homeland Security. Our contribution to the 2012 BNA, "Causes and Consequences of Bioeconomic Proliferation: Implications for U.S. Physical and Economic Security" (PDF) is the only BNA report ever released into the public domain. The report collects and examines available data on the size and pace of change of the bioeconomy and biotechnology in the U.S. and several other countries of interests, and is a unique analytic piece framing the future of U.S. security.

2011 Bioeconomy Update

Here is an early version of the bioeconomy analysis that later appears in the 2012 BNA and in Nature Biotechnology in 2016.

Microbrewing the Bioeconomy

Here is an early take (from 2011) on how microbrewing is a model for the future of distributed biological manufacturing.