What We Do

Biodesic is a strategy and engineering consulting firm. The Principals have a combined five decades of experience in biotechnology, software, analog and digital chip design, strategy, product development, project management, corporate communications, market analytics, and security. We bring all this together to provide services to organizations of all shapes and sizes. Although we generally focus on biological technologies and their role in the economy, we have also worked on such diverse topics as energy storage, encryption, face recognition, network security, biosecurity, telecommunications, automobile and transportation design, medical devices, data storage, and space transportation systems.

Biodesic started as a garage biotechnology company, and now focusses on strategy, operations, and analytics. We still wrangle pipettors, soldering irons, IDEs, and differential equations, but now we use these skills to inform broader work at high levels of government and industry.

Our analytical methodology is informed by our highly quantitive training as scientists and engineers, and then packaged with compelling analogies and stories tailored to provide insight for specific clients. We learn to speak your language, and we integrate detailed data and penetrating questions with big picture concepts to help you understand the past, present, and future of whatever ideas or products you are thinking about today.

Rob Carlson, PhD, Principal

At the broadest level, Rob is interested in the future role of biology as a human technology. He is a multiple start-up founder and has worked to develop new biological technologies in both academic and commercial environments, focusing on molecular measurement and microfluidic systems. He has also developed and published a number of novel metrics for quantifying the impact and progress of biological technologies. Carlson is the author of the book Biology is Technology: The Promise, Peril, and New Business of Engineering Life, published in 2010 by Harvard University Press. Dr. Carlson earned a doctorate in Physics from Princeton University in 1997.  His blog is at www.synthesis.cc.

Rik Wehbring, Principal

Rik has a broad technical and entrepreneurial background developed at several start-ups and his own consulting firm. His technical expertise includes all aspects of modern electronic hardware development including high-speed PCB design, ASIC & FPGA design, HDL coding and synthesis methodologies, and design-for-manufacturing and -test. He has worked for startups, founded two companies, and most recently ran his own engineering consulting firm. Rik earned a BA Physics with Distinction and an MEng in Electrical Engineering, both from Cornell University.

Rik and Rob are the co-founders and Managing Directors of Bioeconomy Capital, an investment house focused on building the bioeconomy. We bring our varied experience and proven analytical methodology to identifying and managing investments in companies and technologies building the infrastructure for the 21st century economy.