Our mission is to transform business and society through the development and distribution of biological technologies.

  • We develop technologies to help transform biology from an art into an engineering discipline.
  • We provide consulting services to organizations seeking to understand how biology will change existing markets and create new ones.


Biology is the science of the 21st century. The problems the world faces today – ecosystem responses to global warming, geriatric care in the developed world or infectious diseases in the developing world, the efficient production of more goods using less energy and fewer raw materials – all depend on understanding and then applying biology as a technology.

Biological technologies have already begun to re-make society. In particular, a new bio-economy is developing which uses biology as a tool to either perform previous tasks more simply or to solve previously intractable problems. Some plastics, for example, are now produced for the market by biological organisms rather than chemical synthesis because of the exceptional cost savings. At the same time, new classes of medicines, such as antibody treatments, were never possible without recent understanding in biology.

Today, 2% of US Gross Domestic Product can already be attributed to genetically modified organisms of all sorts and revenues for this sector are growing as much as 20% annually. It is not clear what proportion of total GDP that biological technologies can ultimately provide, but, with exponentially decreasing costs and exponentially improving capabilities, biological technologies will induce rapid and abrupt shifts towards biological manufacturing.